The Life-Changing Magick of Letting Go (Part 1)

Why “letting go” and not “tidying up?” because to me tidying up means running around putting stuff in its place, but what I need, and a lot of us need is to let go of a lot of stuff. I tend to hang on to some stuff because I might need it, and other stuff because it reminds me of something (not necessarily a good something).

I know there is great magick in getting rid of things and it’s a wonderful opportunity to let go of mental and emotional clutter that isn’t serving me any more than my excess stuff is.

I’ve finished with the first category of Marie Kondo’s decluttering method: clothes. In going through my clothes I realized that I was hanging on to a self-image that’s way out of date. There’s no reason to pine over the jeans I can’t button anymore and the jacket that’s too tight in the shoulders. I’m the mother of three children and my body doesn’t look the way it used to… and that is okay. I used to think it might be a motivator for losing weight to fit into those old favorites, but all it really does is make me uncomfortable; uncomfortable in my clothes and in my body. I don’t want to be living in discomfort and just wishing for something to change. I wanna be comfortable and confident and taking action to live my best life every damn day.

At first I thought I’d get rid of everything and then have nothing to wear but somehow I now have exactly what I need. I have no guilt and ample room for that perfect tank top I scoured the thrift shops for.

I’m actively, literally and figuratively, making room in my life for things that give me joy. Such as when I was sorting a tub of dress-up stuff (yes all three of my old prom dresses bring me joy – I do have three girls after all) I came across a vintage leather jacket. Turns out it’s worth a couple bucks. I’ll sell it and make a little money, and let it be the beginning of turning my hobby (thrifting) into a side-hustle. During the process of holding each item I own and asking myself if it brings joy I’m discovering new things about myself and I’m getting closer and closer to the life I long to be living.

So, I’ve checked off clothing from my list of stuff to get rid of. Next up is books. I’ll talk about letting go of books and my scarcity mentality in Part 2.